We're not a Student Broadband Company, we're the Student Broadband Company.

ASK4 is an expert internet service provider specialising in student accommodation. We know our service plays a crucial part in enabling our clients to maintain customer satisfaction and hit commercial targets, and we are proud to be a trusted and award-winning partner.


A seven year winning record


Specialists in student broadband


A crucial step towards 100% occupancy


A service that works - every time

ASK4 is the industry leader in high-speed internet solutions for student accommodation. Do you build or manage private student accommodation or do you work within university operated accommodation? Talk to us about what an ASK4 partnership can do for you.

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For the past seven years the winner of Best Private Halls Provider and all those shortlisted for that award did so using ASK4 broadband.

As a leading Internet Service Provider, ASK4 own and operate a carrier neutral Data Centre optimised for the internet industry, and we pride ourselves on delivering flexible and solution driven services. Securely located in the North of England, ASK4 DC1 is well connected to key network locations via ASK4’s high capacity network alongside other tier 1 network providers.

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An industry leading team.

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Building on our reputation for student broadband, ASK4 also delivers super-fast, high-capacity internet services for private accommodation developments and businesses. Every ASK4 service is tailor-made and commercially focussed.

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High capacity
internet for business.

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