Online Support Guide

The ASK4 online support guide helps customers set-up our individual services as well as troubleshoot any problems they may encounter. The guide is kept up to date, so customers are encouraged to use it as their first port of call. Visit HERE

Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction is the friendly online environment that encourages our users to answer each others questions, pitch in to help solve problems, and share all kinds of new ideas about how to improve ASK4 product and services. Visit HERE

How to connect…

Student Sites

Students can connect to our network using an Ethernet Cable, plugged into the network wall socket in their room. If they wish to use multiple devices or access the network via wireless, they can connect a Wireless Access Point which can be purchased from ASK4 HERE.

When students first arrive at their accommodation, ASK4 will have a help desk located near the reception area or in the common room. There will be posters directing students to our staff, who will be wearing bright pink T-shirts! Our helpful staff will provide students with an Ethernet cable along with our installation CD. This CD will guide students our simple process of connecting to the Internet.

Residential Sites

Residents can connect to our network either via an Ethernet Cable should they wish to use just a single device to access the internet from their residence or if you wish to use more than one device then you will need to purchase a Cable Router. When residents arrive at their accommodation they are able to simply connect their Ethernet enabled device to the socket in the wall and follow the on screen instructions. The instructions will guide them through our simple process of connecting to the Internet and setting up their new account with ASK4.


We currently only offer the visitor-only service over our wireless network, this service is also only currently available at certain locations. For more information about what Eduroam is and where it is available can be found here.