Private Accommodation Provider

For the past seven years the winner of Best Private Halls Provider and all those shortlisted for that award did so using ASK4 broadband.

ASK4 connected students have access to the UK’s fastest, most cost-effective broadband service – an essential utility for some of the most demanding of internet users. As one of the earliest providers in the student accommodation sector, we know what it takes to get students as close as possible to the content they really care about.

It is this unique mix of experience and expertise that enables us to implement high-performing, resilient broadband services, and why the winner of the National Student Housing Survey award for Best Private Halls Provider, and all those shortlisted, did so using ASK4 broadband.

ASK4 student broadband is a simple way to drive occupancy rates, ensure tenant satisfaction and increase re-booking.

97% of our clients indicate year on year that they are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the overall service we provided.

At ASK4 we add value through knowledge. We share and benchmark satisfaction survey results, explore and analyse student internet trends and behaviours, conduct research to aid thinking and understanding about future requirements, and invest in making ASK4 broadband easier to access, safer and more reliable.

Contact us to find out how an ASK4 partnership could help you maximise your student accommodation portfolio.

What our clients say

We are rated as one of the Top 5 UK Internet Services Providers for speed by independent testing services.

  • A resilient and scalable delivery platform
  • UK’s fastest student broadband
  • Servicing circa 125,000 customers across several hundred sites
  • Future-proofed infrastructure

  • Project scoping and full system specification
  • Installation services for cabling and Building Management Systems
  • Enterprise grade telephone services for staff
  • Quality assurance monitoring for client’s third-party contractors
  • Dedicated account management function to ensure client satisfaction

Our services are supported by an industry leading 24/7 technical support centre, network managers and engineering teams – with multiple ways of contact available to you (and your residents) including:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • SMS Call-Back

Fully integrated fibre optic connectivity that delivers and industry leading internet service.

  • Instant Broadband, no complicated set-up
  • No phone line required and no connection charge
  • High Speed Internet packages up to 100Mb/s
  • Dedicated Ethernet connection
  • No download limits or usage charges

Fully integrated wireless connectivity that delivers all Ask4’s services with the added convenience of mobility.

  • Fast, secure, whole-site WiFi
  • Guest networks
  • Staff networks
  • Support for Building Management Systems

High Definition broadcast and on-demand television services to desktop, laptop and conventional TVs. In addition, clients are now considering Smart TV integration along our 4TV service – we support this too.

  • Broadcast and on-demand TV
  • Encoded TV streams are distributed via your building’s data network
  • No additional cabling requirement for 4TV
  • Certified Smart TV Infrastructure

Enhance Ask4’s standard 4TV services with 4Record – the system which enables users to record TV programs and watch at their leisure.

  • Network-based system – meaning users don’t need to leave computers on once a recording has commenced
  • Record up to 30 hours of TV

4Voice is based on transmission of voice signals over an IP data network. It’s called VoiceoverIP (VOIP) and it permits us to use the core data network in your buildings, reducing the overall system costs and providing more flexibility than conventional telephony services.

  • Lower cost
  • More flexibility
  • Easy set-up – no fee or line rental

Recognising the lifestyle trends of digitally connected modern-day students, we have developed dedicated game servers – perfect for PC gamers.

  • Users can organise tournaments through the 4Gaming portal
  • Permits play with friends locally or further afield
  • Open access network

Our dedicated life-long platform for everyday digital data storage.

  • High-speed access to secure remote servers
  • Automatic scheduled back-up, perfect for protecting valuable data
  • Unlimited storage
  • Access files from wherever, great for students wanting to access information remotely