For the past six years the winner of Best Private Halls Provider and all those shortlisted for that award did so using ASK4 broadband.

ASK4 connected students have access to the UK’s fastest, most cost-effective broadband service – an essential utility for some of the most demanding of internet users.

High speed, reliable broadband is a key driver for students choosing accommodation, and one that directly impacts overall satisfaction levels. That’s why we are proud to say the winner of the National Student Housing Survey award for Best Private Halls Provider, and all those shortlisted, did so using ASK4 broadband. A resounding endorsement from a highly critical audience.

Contact us to find out how to connect to the UK’s fastest, student-endorsed, student broadband.


4Broadband is our nationwide fibre optic network with a dedicated connection straight to your student accommodation building.

  • Instant Broadband, no complicated set-up
  • No phone line required and no connection charge
  • High Speed Internet packages up to 100Mb/s
  • Dedicated Ethernet connection
  • No download limits or usage charges
  • Dedicated 24/7 support centre

Our Wireless internet service includes provision of a configured access point allowing students to use web enabled devices wirelessly.

4TV provides television services to ASK4 connected computers as well as conventional televisions using a dedicated set-top box.

  • Watch TV on PC, laptop or conventional TV
  • View up to 30 Freeview channels
  • Now and next guide
  • Full TV Listing

4Record enhances 4TV by allowing students to record up to 50 hours of programs to watch later (up to 7 days).

4Voice is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) self-managed phone service.

  • Plug and play service
  • Instant connection
  • No monthly line rental or minimum contract
  • Discounted call rates
  • Pay-as-you-go service

Perfect for PC and console video gamers. Simultaneously connect a games console as well as a PC or laptop.

  • High-priority, low-ping connections to game networks
  • Connect PlayStation, XBOX, PC
  • Static Public IP address
  • Access to over 100 hosted PC games

4Backup gives students high-speed access to unlimited remote secure storage and automatic scheduled backups – perfect for protecting priceless course work, files and photos.

  • Store unlimited data
  • Secure Transfer over SSL
  • Access from any Broadband enabled device