Residential Services

Superfast Broadband is already in your home, all you need to do is plug-in, open your account and get connected.

What you will need!

  • A computer
  • An Ethernet cable


Yes it really is that simple!

As soon as you step into your new home all you have to do is find your connection point and plug your computer in, using an Ethernet cable. Turn your computer on and you will instantly be taken to our login page, just sign up and get started!

Whether it’s surfing the web, watching Sky Go on your Smart TV or enjoying endless hours of gaming, Ask4 has just the right package for you.

The exciting news is that Ask4 have recently upgraded their systems in some residential buildings. So if you live in one of the buildings listed below, you now have the option to sign up for a 10Mb, 25Mb and even a 75Mb package:

West One, AQH Q4 (Coming Soon), Velocity Tower, Velocity Village, Jet Centro, Broughton House, Victoria House Mabgate Leeds, City Island Leeds, Queens Tower, Wards Brewery, Victoria Mills, Fitzwilliam House and Cornwall Works.

Remember there are no download limits on all of our packages and you don’t need a BT Landline – there are no hidden costs.

In all other residential buildings you will still have the option of three different packages, offering speeds of 4Mb, 25Mb and 50Mb.

Just log in and choose which package best suits you!

Any problems? Our 24/7 local support team is always here to help you on 0114 303 3232.


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