Ask4 have been established for over 12 years building up our own core network naturally and effectively. Being a naturally grown ISP and not grown through force, like some of the larger ISPs, means we have a core network that is highly reliable and boasts high capacity that all our business customers benefit from. Through the use of our Core network and key strategic partnerships, we can provide you with competitively priced Ethernet lines as well great service quality.

  • One of the Leading Providers and Advocates of Fibre Optic services since 2000
  • Unrivalled in our ability to provide services to multi tenanted Student, Residential and Business properties
  • We work closely with all our customers/client to provide Bespoke networks ensuring flexible, reliable and scaling solutions
  • National company giving us coverage over the whole of the UK making use of our own core fibre network
  • High capacity network giving you the highest level of service available

What do we do?

Below are listed some of the services that we offer, each of them has a brief synopsis of the service so that you can get an idea of whether this is the service that you require to match your businesses needs.

If you would like to find out any more information about any of the products then all you need do is follow the link through to the services page where we have gone into further detail about the service and have also included an example case study of the service we provide to one of our many clients.

Bespoke Networks

We all need connectivity and IT Services, but rarely does any one business have the same requirements as another. Here at Ask4 we cater for smaller businesses with common needs whilst also serving the bespoke requirements of the SME market.

Whether you know exactly what you want or are just exploring your options, contact Ask4 and we will listen and help.

Ethernet Lines

The need for companies to have increased internet access to remain competitive is growing but too many businesses think they have to settle with what’s provided on their door step when in fact you could take advantage of getting your own dedicated Fibre! Ask4 have been specialists in this area since 2000, long before it was a common option to the standard business in the UK. But now the demand of Fibre has begun to rise dramatically and the cost per connection is constantly dropping, making it more affordable to most businesses who need a reliable and scalable solution. If you want to find out what it will cost you, contact Ask4 today!

Want to put your mind at ease about your companys connection? Learn more »

Business Centres

With the aggressive economy today, Business Centres have to compete directly with each other to attract the best in up and coming Entrepreneurs and SMEs. So why would you not want to have the latest in telecommunications technology to show off at yours?

It can be expensive to set up your business centre in the first place, yes, but what if we removed that burden for you? Ask4 have helped other Business Centres get ahead of their local competition by giving that business centre the best in connectivity, why haven’t you done the same?

Datacentre Services

Hosting your own servers on location is not always the most secure or efficient way to operate as a business. With Ask4 you can take advantage of our own datacentre based in Sheffield, giving you complete the complete security of knowing your systems are well backed up, safely guarded and provided cost effectively, without losing out on your flexibility to manage the sytems.

Managed Services

All the services we provide are backed up by an elite team of highly experience Telecommunication professionals and a 24/7 support centre all based at our Sheffield Head Office.

Additionally, with each of our direct customers you will always get a central point of contact with an account manager and clear escalation process for support issues.

Wi-Fi Networks

The inconsistent performance of technology such as Wi-Fi and 3G has lead to misconceptions about the reliability of wireless solutions. Here at Ask4 we can help you get the best out of your Wi-Fi and take you one step further than the standard technologies and provide Carrier grade services.

Wi-Fi done properly can give you carrier grade capabilities and without the need to dig up the ground like with Ethernet services. It can be quickly set up for those who need a fast solution. To find out if Wi-Fi is a suitable option for you, contact us and tell us what you need.


Voice over IP solutions have come a long way in recent years and more established in a varied selection of businesses as the ability of the UK’s internet services have improved. Through an efficient VOIP solution you can save hundreds/thousands in phone bills and grant your business greater flexibility in managing the calls and features available to you.

In fact if you haven’t looked at VOIP for your business yet, you should be asking yourself why not?

MPLS Networks

Multiprotocol label switching is simply a large private network for your business’s multiple sites. With the combination of our own core fibre network across the UK and highly skilled professionals to manage the services, Ask4 can operate a best of breed service.

If you have any requirement for increased security between sites and help in managing that connection to provide guarantees to your business, then contact Ask4 to see what we can do for you.