Our Clients

Student Properties

Modern students are some of the most sophisticated, demanding consumers around. Offering excellent service is a must in order for student halls to fill their beds. Today’s students demand fast, reliable data connections in order to meet course requirements, stay in touch with friends and family and for recreation. When considering possible accommodation, the availability of Broadband Internet access is a key driver for student tenants.

ASK4 connected students have access to some of the fastest, most cost-effective Internet services in the UK. We have excellent relationships with all the major telecoms companies in the country, allowing us to offer innovative, appropriate solutions irrespective of the location of the development.

Our zero-configuration networks massively reduce the administrative burden faced by hall managers and our commitment to provide on-going on-site support and excellent telephone support ensures happy customers. ASK4 realise that students can be very demanding users, which is why we use the same systems and processes as we use with our business and residential customers and why we provide the same level of support.

We also understand that internet access is unlikely to be our client’s principal business, and that where we can really add value is in driving tenants into marginal rooms and in helping with student retention. Accordingly, we operate a number of business flexible models that can be tailored to meet our client’s business objectives. You get what you ASK4.

Residential Properties

ASK4 design, implement and maintain Broadband Internet access systems for apartment developers at our own cost. Our installation is free-issue to the developer and we fully indemnify the developer and the developer’s agents against any liability that may arise from the installation of the system and operation of the service.

We understand that in an increasingly competitive market developers are keen to add value to their development and to distinguish it from the one next door or round the corner. Installing a dedicated, scalable Internet access system is an excellent way to achieve this and the ASK4 offering allows developers to do so without cost or risk.

The Internet is set to become ubiquitous, and Broadband Internet access is set to become a utility service. It is absolutely vital that developers recognise the importance of Broadband, as schemes currently under consideration will not be completed for some 12- 36 months, in which time public awareness of Broadband and demand for high-speed Internet access will only increase.

As the number of residential city-centre developments increases, so too does the choice available to purchasers and tenants. Increasingly, people are becoming reliant on fast, good quality Internet access, and consequently the availability of Broadband within a development is becoming a differentiating factor.

Business Properties

Multi-tenanted office developments are increasingly being seen as ideal accommodation for new, innovative companies, and telecoms are vital to these tenants. Flexible, reliable communications systems are vital to modern businesses.

Business-parks and serviced office buildings that want to attract the best tenants have to be able to offer systems and services that meet their tenants’ needs. Being able to quickly deliver appropriate communications may be the difference between a tenant signing with you or with a competitor. Indeed, research on behalf of ASK4 indicates that the availability of appropriate communications is the third most important consideration (behind location and price) when tenants consider serviced office accommodation.

ASK4 work closely with our developer clients in order to tailor a communications system to the building or site in question and to the market that our clients are targeting. Our experience in designing, supporting and maintaining complex integrated data and voice networks (and in supplying end users and developer clients with appropriate network, Internet access, voice and security services from our core platform) means that we are able to meet the particular challenges that our clients face, both now and in the future.

ASK4 understands that each business is different, therefore we work with our clients to deliver appropriate technical solutions backed by appropriate business models. From outright ownership to zero-capital investment options, ASK4 has a solution that fits.