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Why do we need Broadband?

More and more of us are living and working in multiple-tenanted unit (MTU) buildings, a trend which is set to increase as people become more migratory and businesses are forced to become more flexible in order to compete.

Fast, easy communications are extremely important for the occupiers of these buildings, both for personal and business use. Installing a custom, dedicated Broadband data system in your development ensures that the services that your target tenants or buyers want are available, and that your building is proofed against future technical developments and changing client demands.

As tenants in MTUs are extremely mobile, with short rental or occupancy commitments, services which demand long-term commitment are simply not an option. Installing a Broadband network means that flexible, scalable services can be offered to your tenants from day one.

Indeed, with ASK4′s zero-configuration networks, tenants can literally connect themselves in seconds, with no long-term contract.

How does it work?

ASK4 install a dedicated data network with access points in every unit in a development. This network provides occupiers with fast data connections, now and in the future.

The ASK4 Broadband system is designed specifically to deliver business-class Broadband Internet access. The system comprises category-5e UTP cabling linking data points in individual apartments, bedrooms or offices to peering-points located around the development. These peering-points are in turn linked back to a central site peering-point by a fibre optic backbone.

Located at each of the ancillary peering-points is switching equipment that connects the customer to the network. Located at the site peering-point is equipment that connects the site’s fibre backbone to dark-fibre, which connects the network directly to the Internet.

Also located in this area is sophisticated hardware that monitors and manages the system and which controls customer access to services. As bandwidth demands increase over the next three to five years, the bandwidth delivered to end-users will be increased. Because the networks we install have significantly more capacity than is initially required (of the order of 1000 times) we are able to do this dynamically, without requiring any changes to the installed infrastructure. This means that we are able to continue to offer a world-beating service to end-users, without troubling the developer or site management company.


Every installation is unique. That’s what makes an ASK4 Broadband installation special. We work with the developer from day one to deliver a network that’s as brilliant as the rest of the development.

There is no such thing as a typical development. Each site is unique, and ASK4 tailor an installation to fit perfectly. Working closely with mechanical and electrical consultants and with specialist cabling contractors, ASK4 design and implement a scheme that is uniquely appropriate for a development. We ensure that containment, power and housing requirements form part of the M and E tender document. By working in this fashion, we ensure that the installation is done in the most efficient way possible and in a manner that fits with the wider build programme; we know how vital it is to dove-tail into the build and we guarantee that we will not in any way delay or hinder the rest of the construction process.

Indeed, we are happy to provide letters from contractors that we have previously worked with attesting to our excellent performance on site. There are two ways in which an installation is carried out. Either ASK4′s own specialist data contractor undertakes the installation of the full network cabling and provides the necessary attendances on site, or we enter into a separate side agreement with the principal M and E contractor to install cabling to our specification. ASK4′s own engineers undertake the installation of all switching and control equipment. Please contact us for more information on installing ASK4 in your building.

Our Partners

Below are listed a few of the companies that we work with to provide communication services.