ASK4 acquires Digital Region contracts from RiPWiRE

Sheffield’s leading independent ISP, Ask4, has today concluded the acquisition of all Digital Region broadband contracts from RiPWiRE
Limited, which announced that it was closing last week.

As a consequence of the challenging economic environment and the well-­‐publicised issues with the Digital Region network, the management of RiPWiRE made the decision to close the business at the end of last week. Ask4’s management have worked with RiPWiRE over the weekend to reach agreement on a deal that sees all of RiPWiRE’s Digital Region customers transferred to Ask4 without interruption to service. Ask4 are currently arranging to transition RiPWiRE’s former customers to the Ask4 network and will be making contact with them over the coming days.

Ask4’s Managing Director, Jonathan Burrows, confirmed Ask4’s commitment to Digital Region and to ensuring a smooth transition for customers: ‘We have been involved with the Digital Region project since its inception and will continue to work with the Digital Region management team and other stakeholders to develop the service. We believe in offering fantastic service and fanatical support to our customers and are working hard to move RiPWiRE’s customers with as little disruption as possible. It is our goal to move customers to our network with absolutely minimal down-­‐time, and our support staff will be contacting customers directly to make arrangements.’

Notes for Editors
Ask4 was formed in 2000 to provide cutting-­‐edge ISP services to multiple-­‐tenanted buildings using fibre optic connections. Ask4 now provides services to over seventy thousand users across the country over a national network with points of presence in twenty cities.

Ask4’s business services subsidiary, Ask4Business, provides services to over 250 businesses in the South Yorkshire region and operates Sheffield’s only Tier-­‐2 data centre.

For more information please contact Ross Bray:
0844 555 50 50